Maya Angela said it best…”If you know better, you will do better.”
Our goal at Praise Is The Cure®️ (PITC) is to educate the community about breast health. We accomplish this in many ways.

Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Day:

Each year PITC partners with fifty (50+) faith-based and other nonprofit organizations to raise awareness about breast health in their respective communities and to celebrate the lives of breast cancer patients and survivors. Each event includes inspirational presentations as well as the distribution of informational materials that are designed to encourage women (and their families) to manage their health and to familiarize them with breast cancer preventive measures, cancer treatment options and key resources available in the Philadelphia and surrounding communities.

Children's Festivals:

Inspired by the book “My Mommy Has Breast Cancer, But She is Ok,” and written by Co- Founder Kerri Conner Matchett, PITC partners with youth-serving nonprofits to host “Maddie Movement” Children’s Festivals. The Festivals feature story time, face painting, games, refreshments and even a petting zoo for children ages 2 to 10. Because we know that Breast Cancer affects the entire family, these programs not only provide entertainment, but also educates children about breast cancer and ways to cope with difficult situations. Parents are provided literature on breast cancer and current trends in research and treatments. With this information, parents are encouraged to have open discussions about the disease with their children.

Wellness Workshops:

Wellness workshops are aimed at promoting both physical and mental well-being. Participants learn from motivational speakers what health improvements they need to make to fit their lifestyle and encourage early detection and treatment of diseases.

Men's Health Forums:

Our Men’s only forums are aimed at heightening the awareness of preventable health
problems and encouraging early detection and treatment of diseases among men and boys. We also acknowledge the important and critical role men play in supporting their loved ones during their journey with breast cancer. The forums provide helpful advice on how men can understand what their partner is experiencing and how to best communicate their own experiences.