Education & Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Day:festival
Our annual City-wide Breast Cancer Awareness Outreach Day “Praise Sunday” includes worshiping with one of the fifty(50+) faith-based organizations who will be celebrating the lives of breast cancer patients and survivors and raising community awareness about breast health. The event includes inspirational presentations and the distribution of informational materials that are designed to encourage women (and their families) to manage their health and to familiarize themselves with cancer treatment options and other breast cancer resources available in the Philadelphia and surrounding communities.

There is NO COST to your organization for participating in this event. All we ask is that you help us spread the word about this activity and encourage your family and friends to participate.

Parents & Children Festivals:
Inspired by the book “My Mommy Has Breast Cancer, But She is Ok,” written by Kerri Conner Matchett, these events feature story time, face painting, coloring, stickers and tattoos, games, refreshments and other activities for children ages 2 to 10 and their parents. Armed with the knowledge that Breast Cancer affects the entire family, these programs educate children about Breast Cancer and encourages adults to have open discussions about the disease with their children.

Wellness Workshops:
Sponsored by Keystone First and Amerihealth Caritas Partnership, the health fair’s and wellness workshops are aimed at promoting both physical and mental well-being. Participants learn from motivational speakers what health improvements they need to make to fit their lifestyle and encourage early detection and treatment of diseases among breast cancer patients, survivors and their families.

Real Men Wear Pink Forums & Luncheons:
Our Men’s Only forums are aimed at heightening the awareness of preventable health problems and encourages early detection and treatment of diseases among men and boys. We also acknowledge the important and critical role men play in supporting their loved ones during their journey with breast cancer. The forums provide helpful advice on how men can understand what their partner is experiencing and how to best communicate their own experiences.