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gofundmeBe a CHAMPION in the Fight Against Breast Cancer … Small Acts Have A Ripple Affect. Donate Today!

Our goal is simple: create more cancer survivors and galvanize communities to take part in the fight against breast cancer. Your support will aid our outreach programs that celebrate patients and survivors and provides encouragement to uplift parents, spouses, children, family and friends who have gone down the path to recovery.

Donate today and become and advocate for breast health. Together we can win the war against breast cancer!  You can also make your tax-deductible contribution through your employer’s United Way campaign. The Praise Is The CureĀ® code number is  .

Donate to the Children’s Festival

Inspired by the book “My Mommy Has Breast Cancer, But She is OK” written by Kerri M. Conner, this event features story time, games and other activities for children ages 2 to 10 and their parents. Armed with the knowledge that Breast Cancer affects the entire family, this program educates children about breast cancer and encourages adults to have open discussions about the disease with their children.