Our History

pitc-pic1Launched in 2005 by the George E. Thorne Development Center a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Praise Is The Cure® (PITC) is a citywide outreach campaign in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. PITC is the brain thrust of Anita T. Conner, a 16 year breast cancer survivor and her daughter Kerri Conner-Matchett, a 6 year breast cancer survivor.

In 2006, PITC began its “Praise Sunday Breast Cancer Awareness Day” initiative distributing information and giving speeches about the importance of early detection at worship centers during breast cancer awareness month.

In 2008, PITC was expanded to what is now a annual Week of Hope, Health & Healing, which includes a health fair providing mammograms and other screenings and wellness workshops for men and women, a breast cancer patient and “Survivor’s Pamper Party,” and a celebration of life concert.

In 2009, PITC launched our “Real Men Wear Pink” men’s only forum discussing care-giving and other men’s health issues. PITC also hosted our first annual “Praise Café Luncheon” honoring men and other’s who are “Champion’s in the Fight Against Breast Cancer.”

In 2010, PITC launched the “Maddie Movement” with a children’s festival that includes story time, games and other activities for children ages 2 to 10 and their parents. This program educates children about breast cancer and encourages adults to have open discussions about the disease with their children.

PITC Week of Hope, Health, and Healing enables women to receive mammograms and other health screenings each year, celebrates patients and survivors and educates communities that are losing the fight from lack of breast health education. Each year, PITC is changing the story, realigning the statistics, and is welcoming new warriors that support the urgency for a cure in the African American community. We fight today so we can celebrate tomorrow!

PITC is supported by thousands of people who have caught the vision of Hope, Health and Healing through education, access to resources, and perseverance.

For additional information, please contact us today by calling (215) 635-1902.