Praise Sunday

Praise Sunday


worshipThis citywide educational outreach effort is supported by a wide array of city officials, hundreds of survivors, volunteers, and other advocates who visit faith-based organizations and make presentations to those attending worship services on this Sunday.

The information distributed to parishioners provides important life-saving information on breast health. The presentations encourage women to be more open emotionally and spiritually. It allows women and others to see the level of support and involvement that women and families require to get through the process of overcoming breast cancer. Most important, women and others will understand that breast cancer is not a death sentence and early detection can save lives.

Interested in Participating?

The 2017 event was extremely successful! Sixty churches in the Philadelphia and surrounding area participated in “PRAISE SUNDAY” distributing life-saving information on breast health to more than 15,000 people. There is NO COST to you or your congregation for participating in this event. We only ask you as a host church to:

  • Deliver a three minute presentation about breast health during your service;
  • Distribute informational materials to encourage women and their families to manage their health by promoting early detection, treatment, and survival;
  • Recognize breast cancer patients and survivors in your congregation; and
  • Encourage the congregation to donate a $1.00 or more to Praise Is The Cure® Movement

To help make your event successful, we will:

  • Provide a sample script that can be read to the congregation; or if needed provide a speaker to deliver the message;
  • Provide information packets on breast health facts to be distributed to the congregation;
  • Provide a poster to help promote the event;
  • Provide a representative from our organization to assist in any manner needed;
  • Provide donation envelopes for the congregation; and
  • Promote the Church as a participating host venue

We believe it is time to work harder than ever to eliminate the Breast Cancer disparities in the Black community and by partnering with churches in our community we can provide more resources and take one step closer to our goal.

Register Your Church Today!

We thank you in advance for your consideration. Please download the registration packet Praise Sunday Registration packet , complete it and fax it to our office at (215) 782-8933 on or before August 31, 2018.