Sponsor Praise Is The Cure® Week of Hope, Health and Healing

Supporting Praise Is The Cure® Week of Hope, Health and Healing provides real benefits to your organization beyond the event. Our signature event fosters public goodwill and an outpouring of support, allowing your message to stand out for the audience you want to reach. Your tax-deductible sponsorship provides not only increased brand awareness to thousands of consumers through online, print, and radio impressions but demonstrates the philanthropic qualities of your company. In addition, Praise Is The Cure® provides the perfect platform for sponsors, attendees and community leaders to mingle and support our initiatives of Hope, Health and Healing.


Sponsorship Opportunities

PITC Annual Wk of Hope, Health & Healing 2018 Sponsorship Deck

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Other Sponsorship Opportunities
Don’t see something that works for you? Together we can work to create a custom sponsorship package that provides the maximum benefit for your organization.