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In this busy world of ours with hundreds of issues demanding our time and attention on a daily basis, we welcome those who have placed the needs of others above their own. In donating your time, talents, efforts and services, you not only make such a difference in the community but in the lives of individuals you support. During the Week of Hope, Health and Healing, Praise Is The Cure® will reach 10,000 women and families with breast cancer health information and provide 500 health screenings, including mammograms and wellness workshops for women, men and children to 200 participants. Without our volunteers we could not do this!

Our volunteers are a key factor in helping us accomplish our mission to eliminate breast cancer disparities among Black women by providing education, access to early detection and other support services.

Volunteers Can …

  • Provide general office support including answering calls, making calls or responding to emails
  • Recruit and/or register participants for our events
  • Serve as an ambassador at community health fairs or other events
  • Pack literature for distribution
  • Research and write breast health tips for distribution
  • Become a member of our Speakers Bureau
  • Serve on the planning committee(s) for our events
  • Provide manpower at our events
  • Serve on the Board of Directors or Advisory Board
  • Be an advocate for the organization and breast cancer awareness
  • Provide public relations and marketing support, include our social media outreach efforts
  • Assist with our fundraising efforts

If you have a heart for servicing others, the passion and dedication to make a difference in community outreach, please consider volunteer opportunities with Praise Is The Cure®; a Breast Health Initiative! Be a Champion in the fight against Breast Cancer … small acts have a ripple affect! Contact Praise Is The Cure® at (215) 635-1902.

Volunteer Today …

If you are interested in volunteering, please click here to download the volunteer application.

Thank you!