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ABout us

Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision: Black women will have equal access to all Breast Cancer awareness, intervention, and prevention resources.

Our Mission: The mission of Praise Is The Cure is to eliminate Breast Cancer disparities among Black women by providing education; access to mammograms and other screenings and treatments; and support for patients, survivors and their families.

About Us

Breast Cancer afflicts the Black community with fatal results higher than other racial or ethnic
groups. The current breast cancer epidemic impacts communities unequally and leads to
unacceptable differences in who develops Breast Cancer, when and who gets high quality and
timely treatment, and who dies from it. Despite the significant amount of new developments
regarding this matter, Black women continue to die from Breast Cancer more than any other
ethnic group.
In order to address and end the epidemic in the Black community, we must tackle the root
causes of these health inequalities. Recognizing this and the difficult journey to wellness made
by Breast Cancer patients, survivors and their families, Anita T. Conner and daughter Kerri
Conner Matchett who are both Breast Cancer survivors created Praise Is The Cure®, Inc. (PITC);
a Breast Health initiative in 2005
Since its inception, PITC has reached tens of thousands Philadelphia area residents. Our
programs and events enables women to receive mammograms and other health screenings
each year, supports and celebrates patients and survivors, and educates communities that are
losing the fight from lack of breast health education.
Each year, Praise Is The Cure® is changing the story, realigning the statistics, and welcoming
new warriors that support the urgency for a cure in the Black Community.
We fight today so we can celebrate tomorrow!
Join us!

For any additional information, please contact us by calling (215) 635-1025 today!